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conglomerate adj : composed of heterogeneous elements gathered into a mass; "the conglomerate peoples of New England"


1 a composite rock made up of particles of varying size [syn: pudding stone]
2 a group of diverse companies under common ownership and run as a single organization [syn: empire] v : collect or gather; "Journals are accumulating in my office"; "The work keeps piling up" [syn: accumulate, cumulate, pile up, gather, amass]

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  1. A cluster of heterogeneous things.
  2. A corporation formed by the combination of several smaller corporations whose activities are unrelated to the corporation's primary activity. example: General Electric Company.
  3. A rock consisting of gravel or pebbles embedded in a matrix.


A cluster of heterogeneous things
A corporation formed by the combination of several smaller corporations
A rock consisting of gravel or pebbles embedded in a matrix


  1. Clustered together into a mass.


  1. To combine together into a larger mass.
  2. To combine together into a larger corporation.

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Aktiengesellschaft, aa, abyssal rock, accumulate, accumulated, accumulation, acervation, adhere, admix, agglomerate, agglomeration, aggregate, aggregation, aggroup, aktiebolag, alloy, amalgamate, amalgamated, amass, amassed, amassment, ambiguous, ambivalent, amphibious, assemble, assembled, assorted, assortment, basalt, batch, bedrock, bemingle, blend, blended, block, block lava, body, body corporate, brash, breccia, bring together, bulk, bunch, bunch together, bunch up, bunched, bundled, business, business establishment, cake, cartel, chain, chamber of commerce, chunk, clasp, cleave, clinch, cling, cling to, clot, clump, clumped, cluster, clustered, coagulate, coalesce, cohere, collect, collectanea, collected, colligate, collocate, combine, combined, commercial enterprise, commingle, commix, compagnie, company, compare, compile, complex, compose, composite, compound, compounded, concern, concoct, concrete, concretion, congeal, congeries, conglobation, conglomerate corporation, conglomeration, congregate, congregated, consolidating company, consortium, copartnership, corporate body, corporation, corral, crag, cumulate, cumulation, dappled, dig up, diversified corporation, draw together, dredge up, drive together, druid stone, eclectic, embrace, emulsify, enterprise, equivocal, fascicled, fasciculated, festooned pahoehoe, fifty-fifty, firm, freeze to, fuse, gather, gather in, gather together, gathered, gathering, get in, get together, glomerate, glomeration, gneiss, gob, granite, grasp, group, grow together, half-and-half, hang on, hang together, hash, heaped, heterogeneous, hodgepodge, hold, hold on, hold together, holding company, homogenize, house, hug, hunk, igneous rock, immingle, immix, in session, indiscriminate, industry, integrate, interblend, interlace, interlard, intermingle, intermix, intertwine, interweave, intricate, ironic, join, joined, joint, joint-stock association, joint-stock company, jumble, jumbled, juxtapose, knead, knot, knotted, lava, leagued, limestone, living rock, lump, lump together, lumped, magma, make up, mantlerock, many-sided, mass, massed, match, medley, meeting, merge, metamorphic rock, mingle, mingle-mangle, mingled, miscellanea, miscellaneous, miscellany, mix, mix up, mixed, mixture, mobilize, monolith, motley, multifaceted, multifarious, multinational, multiracial, muster, node, oddments, odds and ends, omnium-gatherum, operating company, packaged, pahoehoe, pair, partner, partnership, patchy, persist, piled, pillow lava, plunderbund, pluralistic, pool, porphyry, promiscuous, public utility, pudding stone, put together, raise, rake up, rally, regolith, rock, ropy lava, round up, rubble, rubblestone, sandstone, sarsen, schist, scoria, scramble, scrambled, scrape together, scree, sedimentary rock, set, shelly pahoehoe, shuffle, snowball, solid, solid body, solidify, stacked, stay, stay put, stick, stick together, stir up, stock company, stockpile, stone, sundries, syncretic, syncretize, syndicate, take hold of, take up, talus, throw together, thrown together, toss together, trade association, trust, tufa, tuff, utility, varied, variety, wad, whip in, work, wrapped up
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